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Your Ginger Cottages Barn O' Bats cottage hides a number of scary secrets for Halloween. Your guests are sure to notice the fine detail of this prized addition to your festive season ornamentation. Everyone will want to see if they can find all the secrets inside.

This cottage is made of laser-cut wood and may be placed on your fireplace mantle, a shelf, or any tabletop.

Search for these hidden secrets:

  • Do you know who that is in the doorway?
  • Look out for the Ghost inside.
  • Note the cute witch flying her pumpkin.
  • How many Bats can you find?
  • How many black cats do you see?
  • Can you find the Jack O' Lantern?
Dimensions: 3.75"x3.75"x3.25" (HxLxW)