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The Bears are Back

Posted by William Kerr on

At, we celebrate the bear with whimsical figurines and furnishings that express our love of the natural world. It wasn’t so long ago that the black bear was about to vanish from our landscape. Fortunately, responsible conservation and culling policies have brought these animals back from dangerously low levels in many parts of the United States.

However, more free-roaming bears means more potential for unwelcome human and bear interaction. Incidents of black bears scavenging for food in suburban yards are not uncommon. Unsecured trash cans or reckless direct feeding of bears can lead to injury and create what conservationists call “nuisance bears.” Sadly, these bears develop little fear of people and often must be destroyed by wardens after causing harm.

Happily, there are plenty of bears that are safe to keep around your house among the décor choices offered by Big or small, indoor or outdoor, you can find the perfect bear companion to brighten your home, and remind you of the wonders of nature just outside your door.