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On Top of the Trends

Posted by William Kerr on

The trends of the retail market constantly change, but here at we strive to offer products that are in step with the desires of the marketplace. Here are a few examples of recent trends and our products that speak to them.

 Grilling with charcoal was one of the leading cooking trends of 2016. Among cookout fans, using natural gas must have seemed a bit less natural than lighting up old fashioned charcoal. If you’re already a charcoal fan, or would like to add some smoky style to your patio, offers the Big Shotgun Shell Charcoal Grill.

 The health benefits of drinking from copper cups was frequently discussed in the past year. Copper is said to have anti-bacterial properties and has been studied for its effects on healthy digestion, inflammation, and blood pressure. While we made no health claims about our Solid Copper Mule Mugs, we can guarantee that they will look stylish in your kitchen, bar or dining room.

 Family and casual gamers remained the top demographic for tabletop games in 2016. Classic games such as backgammon, chess and checkers have yet to be dethroned by their electronic cousins. You can enjoy those games in the Big Shotgun Shell Ottoman Game Table from and be part of the enduring family game night tradition.