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No Cabin? No Problem!

Posted by William Kerr on

Your home’s décor is a wonderful outlet for expressing your personality. Yet many of us are drawn to style choices that don’t always work in a modern home. You may love, for example, primitive colonial tinwork, but over using such touches could give your house a little too much “character.”

Traditional lodge décor, which we automatically expect to see in lakeside and mountain cabins, is trending across such taste barriers. Mountain Living recently covered the hot trend of cabin construction that creates more open spaces inside and more exposure to natural light from the outside. The absence of heavy log walls in these modern cabins provides a brighter interior to accentuate with statement pieces like those offered here at

Sculptural lamps featuring fish and game, beautifully carved birds for wall or table display, and unique bear-themed furniture pieces can give even an urban home the feel of a cabin retreat. Don’t be constrained by your location; give in to your love of the lodge with pieces you love.